Dental Care: Signs You Need to Consult a Dentist

Dental Care: Signs You Need to Consult a Dentist

When should I see the dentist? Most people go to the dentist two times a year for preventative care. If you haven’t visited your tooth specialist in a while, it may be time to schedule a visit. If you have any of these symptoms, you need to see your dentist sooner rather than later.

Are you someone who keeps their regular dental checkups and dental cleanings every 6 months?  If not and dental visits are few and far between you should probably know the top 5 signs that you need to visit the dentist.

Regular dental examinations can prevent most dental issues. 100 million Americans, however, fail to see a dentist each year. Whether dental phobia, lack of insurance, a busy schedule or faith in an electronic toothbrush is keeping you from the dentist, professional dental care should not be avoided for an extended period of time. Below are 5 signs that it’s time to see a dentist.

A recent survey conducted by the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 released estimating that close to 3.5 billion people of the world’s population are suffering from oral diseases. Some studies also declared that around 85% of them are most likely to get dental caries in the near future. As per renowned Dental Experts and Fitness enthusiasts around the world, the major reason behind such whopping numbers is the ignorance of the majority.

Besides, studies conclude that if the same population had consulted a dentist for a check-up every 6 months, they would be free from oral issues.

Consult the doctor when you see these signs

1. Frequent Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth are pretty common these days for every aged person while having extremely cold beverages or ice creams. It may not be so serious if the sensitivity lasts for a few hours or a day, but anything more than a day is dangerous. Some people may frequently get sensitivity while consuming both hot and cold beverages frequently which is a sign of tooth decay.

Even ADA explains how teeth sensitivity can result in fractured teeth, gum disease, worn tooth enamel, and fillings or exposed tooth root. If you have sensitivity in your original teeth, there are high chances of dental cavity or decay.

Sensitive teeth are quite challenging to handle amidst hectic schedules as they create extreme disturbance both mentally and physically. Some can get headaches due to tooth sensitivity. Thus, it is the right time you need to consult a dentist.

2. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are way more than it seems. Although brushing too hard may cause bleeding gums which is normal, they might be indicating hidden heart-related diseases too. As per the research conducted by ADA, bleeding gums are indeed a sign of gingivitis, which is hard to live with. If you are coming across bleeding gums frequently, start your search for a dentist in Milford, CT now.

3. Toothache or Gum Ache

Toothache or Gum Ache normally indicates cavity or gum diseases. But several dental diseases start with a normal toothache or gum ache and then become an inevitable obstacle for a regular lifestyle. If you are experiencing toothache for more than one day, it is smart to attend a dentist as soon as possible to test and treat the condition.

4. Teeth Discoloration

Discolored teeth are not about pain, but they reduce confidence due to embarrassment while talking in public. Although sometimes certain food can alter the color of your teeth, longer discoloration is not all normal.

Besides, brushing or flushing is not enough to bring your teeth back to normal. It’s only the teeth whiteners that can whiten your teeth like before. Well, random teeth whiteners with harsh chemicals are not recommended and good ones require proper equipment and technique. Thus, if your teeth are discolored and you need to think twice before going into public, it is a sign you need to consult a dentist.

5. Loose Teeth

Loosened teeth are the result of several reasons such as injury and diseases like osteoporosis that reduces the bone density and loosens it. Excess stress on such teeth can lead to fracture or broken teeth leaving a gap which is a matter of immense pain while consuming hot or cold things. Only a professional dentist can provide the right remedy for loose teeth making it the sign you need a consultation.

6. Bad Breath

Bad breath is often taken as the result of skipping brushing teeth. But, do you know that the first sign of tooth decay or dental cavity is nothing but a bad breath? Yes, the gap in the middle of teeth stores food and results in bad breath which if not treated can increase the cavity size to an unbearable level.

Last Words

Apart from this, there are several other signs like mouth sores and unwanted growth of teeth which results in extreme pain. But, if you are now coming across any of the above conditions, you shouldn’t be late anymore to consult a dentist.

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t wait. Contact dentists in Milford, CT right away to receive urgent dental care. At Sensitive Care Dental Health Center, we have a team of highly skilled and qualified dentists in Milford, CT to offer you urgent dental care for any dental problems. Experienced dentists at Sensitive Care Dental Health Center can help you prevent serious problems.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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