• A Potential Solution to Climate Change

    A Potential Solution to Climate Change0

    Climate change is one of the most complex issues facing us today. It involves many dimensions – science, economics, society, politics and moral and ethical questions – and is a global problem, felt on local scales, that will be around for decades and centuries to come. Carbon dioxide, the heat-trapping greenhouse gas that has driven

  • Why You Should Go Camping

    Why You Should Go Camping0

    A night out in the open and roasting marshmallows feels fantastic. Many people go for camping trips around the world, making it a beloved activity for people around the world. However, not everyone may understand this urge to go camping. Surprisingly enough, some people find camping uncomfortable and weird. If you are one of them

  • 10 tips to reduce risk for workers in confined space

    10 tips to reduce risk for workers in confined space0

    Confined spaces are not areas that you want to be in if you are not a trained professional. According to the Ontario Ministry of Labour, a confined space as a “fully or partially enclosed space” defined by two characteristics: The space is not designed or constructed for continuous human occupancy Atmospheric hazards may be present