7 Useful Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

7 Useful Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

We live in an increasingly virtual world. Gone are the days of relying exclusively on networking events and personal contacts to obtain clients. Digital marketing for lawyers is more important today than ever, and its value continues to grow. To help capture the momentum of this trend, here’s a list of six legal marketing tips

We live in an increasingly virtual world. Gone are the days of relying exclusively on networking events and personal contacts to obtain clients. Digital marketing for lawyers is more important today than ever, and its value continues to grow. To help capture the momentum of this trend, here’s a list of six legal marketing tips for attorneys ready to pivot from traditional marketing tactics and focus their efforts online.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the most effective way for marketing law firms is online. Gone are the days when lawyers would rely on networking events to get clients. Digital marketing is more critical today than ever, and as time goes by, its value continues to grow.

How Can Professionalism Still Be Maintained While Marketing Online?

A professional internet marketer can help ensure your marketing is on point and meets the requirements that qualify it to be a professional for a law firm. There is a need for formality to be maintained, despite having marketing done online.

The digital marketer knows what the clients look for when they are looking for a law firm, and these are things that they are going to consider when advertising for your firm for your client base to grow.

Below are digital marketing tips that are useful to ensure that your law firm runs smoothly and obtains the number of clients you wish to attract.

Useful Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

1. Embrace Social Media Marketing

Nearly everyone uses social media today, and the most significant advantage of social media is that you can build a solid relationship with potential clients even before you meet them. The rapport can be made by direct messaging, tweets and comments by which questions are answered, which creates a type of transparency that grows the customer base.

Another advantage is that social media is a powerful influencer of word-of-mouth and trusted based advertising.

2. Design SEO Driven Content

If you use SEO techniques effectively, then you can do wonders for your law firm. A robust search engine strategy is the best way to market your website. You have to increase your site visibility in search engine results by implementing the following:

  • Targeting local keywords
    • Use local keywords to be relevant to people in your area. Also, be particular about your specialization. For instance, if you do work from Lakeland, let’s say as a wrongful death attorney, be specific that you are a Lakeland wrongful death attorney on your website, and optimize for that keyword phrase to make it easier for clients to trace you via Google search.
  • Optimize your pages
    • Through optimization, you will make it easier for search engines to read your site, enabling you to compete with other law firms. This is typically done by use of HTML tags, images, and videos.

3. Use Email Marketing

Law firms should tap into using email marketing for advertisement. It would help if you did it by asking users to subscribe to your website and can be achieved by dedicating a web page that asks for email addresses.

4. Keep Your Blog Up to Date

A website is critical to ensure potential customers can reach you directly in case of a need. However, that alone is not enough. It will help if you keep updating your blog to date, as it is the PR platform of your site. Potential clients would want to see your business maintain an active presence for them to build trust. Be involved in engaging your visitors through questions and comments. Also, consider talking about the legal issues of your practice.

5. Join an Online Forum

Online forums are vital to growing a firm. There are multiple forums for different areas of law. Through the platform, engage with other attorneys and potential clients to build your practice. Joining an online discussion will be more significant if you are a solo practitioner, since referrals and personal contacts are the best form of online marketing for law firms.

6. Try video marketing

According to Biteable, 83% of businesses use video as a marketing tool’. So why do so many businesses use video? There are many reasons why it’s a beneficial marketing move. Firstly, video converts leads, and secondly, people often retain a message better when it’s presented in a visual format. Video content is shared more frequently on social media, and quality content can help to enhance SEO.

This year, many companies have started to send video messages to potential clients, as opposed to the traditional email. Clients invest in a lawyer when they trust them, and what better way to start a loyal relationship than personalized communication. Hosting live webinars is another great way to educate the community and attract new clients. If you haven’t already, add Zoom to your list of tech tools for lawyers. Using this video conferencing software it’s easy to host small or large scale seminars online.

7. Show Social Proof

There are plenty of things that your law firm can do on its own to show people that you can help them.

However, telling them yourself isn’t always enough. We all know that businesses are marketing themselves to us and they want us to use their services, so we tend to be skeptical about taking their word for it. People want to hear from others like them that your law firm helped them out during a tough time.

This just emphasizes what businesses today should already know: reviews matter.

Building a Strong Website Will Set You Up for Success

Don’t underestimate the power of using a solid website to market your law firm. You need to put up a formidable website to be competitive in the legal world. Your website should be a reflection of your law firm, and with a combination of the tips offered above, marketing your website should not be a problem.

Like in many industries ‒ such as health, food, and beauty ‒ wherein the marketing landscape has moved online, you need to embrace the change if you want your law firm to acquire new clients. Thus, you will need an effective online strategy that will not just grab their attention but can also help you prove your worth. If you need help with social media, email marketing, SEO, or any other general content marketing needs, contact Social Hospitality for a complimentary consultation.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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