Top 5 Reasons Anyone Should Visit Curacao

Top 5 Reasons Anyone Should Visit Curacao

Curaçao is a place that every traveler needs to consider. It is a beautiful island with as much to offer travelers as any of the other more popular island destinations. Maybe the fact that this island flies under the radar of many Caribbean travelers can be another reason why it is such a great place.

Located off the southeastern coast of Curaçao, sits this hidden island paradise, ‘Klein Curacao’. Literally meaning, little Curacao, this island has everything you need for your most leisurely vacation trip. Still don’t believe it? Let’s see the top 5 reasons why Curacao is the best place for all kinds of people!

1. The beach life

Vacations and beaches are the most dynamic duo you’ll witness. The pristine blue beaches of Klein Curacao are an attraction in themselves. There is no going back once you fall in love with these. The Curacao beaches are a cool shade of blue mixing with the dry white sands. Relaxing on the shores has never been this beautiful. What are you waiting for? Start planning your trip right here!

The island is a very lesser-known destination which is why there is no crowding even at important attractions. As the beaches have remained undisturbed for a long time, the quality of waters and the underwater is at its utmost best. The entire aura here is calm beyond what you can imagine.

But it’s not just leisure! The beaches offer an interesting glance into aquatic life through snorkeling and scuba diving activities as well. Most of the other scuba destinations will take you in with a boat to a reef where you could get a good look of the underwater but not here. The Curacao beaches are full of surprises right from the start! You can begin your explorations anytime anywhere you like, even from the shores; and if you can’t swim just go for a quick snorkel!

2. Culture and festivals

The authentic culture of Curaçao is a one-in-a-million experience. It has such a rich culture and heritage that the people here are almost like textbooks of its history. The island of Curaçao has very few inhabitants but they sure leave out no reasons to celebrate. The festivals celebrated in Klein Curacao are even today one of the longest functions in the entire Caribbean. Almost all the celebrations last for 7 to 10 days with extravagant dances, music, and costumes.

The culture at Curacao has influenced the people, making them born multilingual. From Dutch, Spanish, English, Papiamento, and french, you will find that the locals here have fully adapted to the amounts of tourism and welcome tourists with open arms. If you get there during one of the grand celebrations then leaving Klein Curacao is going to be hard for you.

3. Mouthwatering food

Along with multiple influences of countries on Curacao history and culture, the cuisine here is also varying from the traditional Caribbean to Spanish and even Italian. If you are a foodie then Klein Curacao will definitely tickle your taste buds for more.

Klein Curacao, despite being a quote destination, has at least one bar and restaurant on a particular street. The delicacies served here are a unique blend of multiple cuisines and are to be savored at least once in your lifetime. The island country uses some quality spices that make all of the dishes taste incredible. The only drawback here is that the food options are quite limited for vegetarians but you can always find a lot of delis and fast-food restaurants along the way serving vegetarian meals as well.

4. Appealing Nature

The weather here is pleasant for everyone. It is never too hot and never too cold. People from all age groups can easily adapt to the temperatures here, hence making it a great family holiday destination as well.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the biggest problem while planning a holiday in the Caribbean region. Yes, you guessed it right, Klein Curacao is out of the hurricane belt in the Caribbean. So it is very rarely hit by storms and at a mild range. Also as the temperature always stays between 31 to 75 degrees, you can rest assured that your vacation is not going to be rained on!

Due to the pleasant weather, you can also enjoy multiple short hikes around the area and go bird watching or animal watching. Don’t be surprised if you spot iguanas, flamingos, and pigs around the area as they are a pretty common species here.

5. The Capital city – Willemstad

The beautiful city of Willemstad is the heart and soul of the city. With a little busier streets and shopping markets, Willemstad is always the tourists’ favorite place to vacay. The city boasts a unique blend of architecture. Starting from the simplest of buildings to the ancient monuments, everything is proof of Klein Curacao’s history.

The buildings here are a mixture of Dutch and Spanish architecture which is later fused with the special pastel colors adding a Caribbean touch to them. The buildings here are not just a mixture of different architectural styles but are also influenced by the Caribbean weather and the touch of Caribbean laborers who crafted these buildings.

Willemstad is one of the most well-preserved cities that showcase the dutch colonial era. The historic importance of this place acting as a major port for trade is unmissable. The four districts of the old town of Willemstad depict its development and the increasing foreign influences in their architecture. All of these historically important features have made this city a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Final words

Pristine beaches, unforgettable adventures, finger-licking good food, and undisturbed leisure. What more do we need from a destination?! Klein Curacao is a place that has it all for you. Moreover, it is extremely affordable and accessible from other Caribbean islands as well. So you can combine a lot of other Caribbean destinations with this one if you’re willing to travel more.

It’s time to get some great travel experiences without extra expenses! Shop at Willemstad, visit the ruins of boats and old harbors, get a taste of history with the pink lighthouse, and lose yourself in the paradise called Curacao!

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Curaçao is a place that every traveler needs to consider. It is a beautiful island with as much to offer travelers as any of the other more popular island destinations. Maybe the fact that this island flies under the radar of many Caribbean travelers can be another reason why it is such a great place.

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