Best Photography and Videography Equipment for Your Traveling

Best Photography and Videography Equipment for Your Traveling

Traveling is the best activity we do as well as to refresh our minds. But it is incomplete without creating videos and taking photos of the destinations you visit and sharing memories with your friends, family, and others. It is a limitless captivation that never gets old. But the major problem in capturing beauty is

Traveling is the best activity we do as well as to refresh our minds. But it is incomplete without creating videos and taking photos of the destinations you visit and sharing memories with your friends, family, and others. It is a limitless captivation that never gets old.

But the major problem in capturing beauty is carrying a lot of photography and videography equipment that is not even necessary and at some point, you have to pay extra cost for your luggage. You need to pack what you need but as light as possible, but make sure you carry the stull without which you cannot do anything.

Capture the moments you like, without any limitation, if you have the right gear as per the needs, while you travel. We have outlined the necessary photography and videography gear for your traveling, with those significant pieces you can keep all of your equipment safe. You can get an exceptional videography services dubai from Mystic studio.

Below is the list which we think is necessary and the best ones. So, let’s get started.


Without the cameras the traveling is not complete, you need a camera that can cater to your video and photography needs, and we have the best recommendation we are going to give.

Sony a6500 is one of the best cameras you can take with you on traveling, it is the ultimate mirrorless cropped sensor camera you can find in the market. It is perfect for capturing still images as well as live footage due to its versatility features. This camera also has the 4k video format with 6k sharpness.

You can include this ultimate camera choice in your list, and make your traveling experience easier and more fun.


The camera without the lens is of no use for you. It focuses the light from what you look at utilizing a viewfinder into the small spots on the back of your camera. There are many forms of lens such as:

General Purpose Lens

This is the most essential type of lens in your traveling kit, you can utilize this for the general purpose, you capture the images while walking around, which suggests that the lens is stuck on your camera most of the time. The best general-purpose lens in the market right now is Sony Vario – Tessar T E (SEL1670C).

The camera’s 16-70mm can cover the range you need to zoom on things you want to capture from far away. This lens has an f4 aperture which is perfect for most uses.

Low Light Lens

These types of lenses are perfect to shoot in low light. For instance, if you want to capture footage and still images in the evening then it is the perfect lens. Sony’s (SEL35F18) is the best among other brands and products.

The f1.8 apertures and the bokeh effect make this lens remarkable for your traveling in areas where the beauty emerges in low light.

Wide Angle Lens

This type of lens is best for landscape photography or where more background information is needed, due to its short focal length with a wide view. For this purpose, we recommend you purchase a Rokinons (RK12M-E) ultra wide-angle lens.

This lens is perfect to capture scenes like the milky way in the night. However, if you like to shoot the wide-angle of any background then this lens is a must to include in your travel backpack.

Travel Bags

Travel bags or usually known as backpacks are the essential thing. You need to invest in purchasing the best and lighter weight bag, in which all equipment can be fit easily so that you can include everything needed as well as easy to carry.

Your video and photography equipment have to be safely stored, for this purpose, the backpacks are manufactured in a way that it can protect your technical parts from water, heat, and so on. Also, you can store snacks and water bottles easily. Due to safety, you have to buy the perfect backpack for your traveling.


Tripod is an instrument that helps your camera to fix a certain point and from that, you can shoot or capture the scenes in any situation. Sometimes even cameras with lenses are so heavy that you cannot carry them easily, especially if you are capturing nature or animals, that is why you need tripods.

This tool can decrease the chances of unwanted movements on the camera while being more creative. The best tripod you can purchase is Rangers’ Ultra Compact 57” Tripod.

Hard Drives

For better storage capacity, you need to include at least two backup portable hard drives, 2TB each. So that you wouldn’t run out of storage when you upload your visual content on your laptops.

Neglecting this may result in the worst scenario, which you cannot afford to have while enjoy traveling. And it is important to add this to your checklist.

Memory Cards and Readers

It is better to have extra memory for your scenic shoots, without worrying about memory. Because if you run short of memory cards you can miss out on the most beautiful landscapes you were going to cover.

Besides memory cards, you also need a memory card reader, though you can easily transfer the data to your laptop. So extra memory cards and a memory card reader are the must include in your checklist for traveling.

Spare Batteries

Spare batteries for each of your equipment will give you the benefit of not missing anything important, whenever you are traveling. If the battery of your camera or drone runs out of power then you can easily replace it with the charged one, only if you have an extra battery. Otherwise, it can create a mess.

The technical equipment can use more power sometimes, so it is better to include extra spare batteries for each of your equipment.

Power Bank

The power bank is a must accessory you should carry in your backpack, it is the best thing for the backup if you cannot find any place where you can charge your equipment. The major purpose of a power bank is the delivery of power to your electronic gadgets. So, you have to include this power support.


We are not talking about different chargers for your different electronic gadgets, but a universal charger that can charge every piece of equipment which includes your laptop, cameras, batteries, and even power banks. So for a better power supply, you need to include this accessory in your travel list.

Cleaning Solutions

This is not as important as other accessories and equipment, but this can be helpful in several situations like if you are traveling to a deserted area and your equipment becomes dirty, that is where cleaning solutions help you. You can easily clean all of your electronic gadgets and equipment whenever there is a need.


Traveling is fun but it can turn out to be the opposite if you are not well prepared. Such as if you forget to include videography and photography equipment, you cannot capture the memorable moments of your life.

That is why we have outlined some of the important accessories you should include in your traveling checklist. These are necessary to show everyone how much beauty they can explore with your lens. So it is better not to ignore this list. So, have fun while exploring the unexplored.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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