121 Incredible Mobile App Ideas That Can Be A Big Hit in 2021

121 Incredible Mobile App Ideas That Can Be A Big Hit in 2021

The apps have dominated the mobile market completely. From small to big businesses, everyone is getting their dedicated mobile apps to lure more customers through mobile devices. We have come up with these amazing mobile app ideas all across the internet that have suggested by users…

Hope you find the best app idea to build!!

According to mobile app revenue statistics collected from top app developers, mobile apps are projected to generate $693 billion in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising in 2021. Want a chunk of this huge revenue pie but finding it difficult to come up with creative & simple app ideas to stand out from the crowd? If yes, then you are at the right place. Take inspiration from our mobile app ideas and turn your dream into reality.

Whether you need online case study assignment help or a new friend, there’s a mobile app for almost EVERY purpose. Individuals spend nearly 88% of mobile time on apps. That’s good news for mobile app developers or entrepreneurs willing to thrive in this industry. Once your mobile app becomes a hit among your target audience, there’s no looking back. After all, mobile apps are expected to generate at least $935 billion in revenue by 2023. All you have to do is come up with the right app that resonates with your target audience. I have compiled 121 brilliant mobile app ideas that you can get inspiration from and adapt for your business.

Mobile app-editors

Developers can edit their app using this application on the go without the involvement of high-end technical jargon or computers.

Bus booking apps

Regular bus travelers can book their seats on buses through this app which maintains all details of passengers, reservations, and arrival/departure timings.

Multi-lingual spelling app

Users can improve their spelling skills based on multiple languages.

Restaurant or hotel booking app

Users can book their favorite restaurant or hotel at discounted prices.

Online tutor app

Students or anybody willing to pursue a degree online can use the app and acquire new skills, learn new concepts and get their preferred degree.

Price comparison app

Individuals can compare the prices of one product from multiple sites under one roof.

Film rating app

Users can find films, write or read reviews, view the storyline, and get suggestions for similar movie genres.

Packers and movers app

People can hire any packing and moving company as per their budget and location.

Health monitoring app

This one can monitor your health daily and send alarms when it notices abnormalities in health.

Restaurant management app

Restaurant owners get to enhance the productivity of restaurants using this app.

Restaurant simulation game app

Users can play this game as the manager of a fast-food chain.

Help alert app

You can compile all the emergency numbers like police stations, hospitals, ambulances, etc., in this app.

Fuel and gas delivery app

Users can get fuel at their preferred location after a simple registration.

Charity donation tracker

It lets users track how much they have donated to charity and for which causes.

Taxation app

Business owners can calculate tax liability for a specific financial year automatically.

Taxi booking app

You can allow users to book different types of cars through this app.

Typing practice app

Users get to practice and hone their typing skills.

Real-time translation app

Foreign language speakers can use this app to communicate with others.

Cleaning service app

Users can book cleaning services as per their budget, type of services, and ratings.

Time zone app

This one shows different time zones to people.

Guide booking app

Tourists can connect with guides in a reliable space when in a new country.

Car servicing app

Car owners can get their cars serviced in just a click.

Survey or poll games

It can be a fun game for users to choose between two options or participate in a survey.

Resume app

It helps users build, store and share digital resumes.

eLearning app

Students can complete their education online without having to attend traditional classes.

Live video tutorial app

Experts from different fields can use live video tutorials to educate students.

QR code generator app

Users can encode their QR codes.

Investment app

This one can make the investment decisions on your behalf based on market analysis and research.

Sports learning app

Sports enthusiasts can learn, nurture and develop their skills.

Podcast repository app

Users can create a directory of their favorite podcasts.

Freelancing app

This app can connect freelance job seekers with relevant employers.

Language learning app

Anyone can learn a new language using this app.

Password generator app

This one can generate new unique random passwords for various accounts.

Global shopping assistance

Shoppers can connect with a global community of shoppers for advice.

Exam preparation app

Students can get organized and focused during exam preparations.

Meme creator app

Nothing can go wrong with memes.

Dietician app

Users can get customized diet charts based on their requirements, such as vegan, non-vegan, etc.

Loan EMI calculator app

It is easier to calculate loans in specific currencies on an app.

Barter exchange app

This app enables users to exchange their goods and services for other goods and services involving multiple custom deals.

Markdown table generator app

Users can convert tables into Markdown-formatted text using this app.

Collective shopping app

Shoppers can find buyers from nearby areas interested in buying the same product as you are from the same seller. This helps them purchase in bulk, thereby getting a good discount.

Mobile wallet app

Users can transfer money, make debit or credit card payments and keep track of daily expenses.

Carnival game app

Users can find all classic carnival games here, such as the high strongman carnival game under one roof.

Location highlighter app

Users can highlight all the places they have been to in a particular region. This makes it easier for someone else to visit the same area easily.

Cryptocurrency app

This offers a simple way to manage, buy or sell your cryptocurrency. Users can also connect their bank accounts for exchanges.

Drawing app

Artists can use this app to hone their skills even if they have a boring 9-5 job to take care of.

Health video chat app

People who share the same kind of health issues can talk to each other for support or suggestions.

Loan approval and application status

Users get to apply for personal loans and check the loan’s status through this app.

Book search app

Bibliophiles get to search for any kind of book based on specific criteria such as genres, periods, etc.

Word frequency calculator app

Users can calculate automatically how many times a certain word has been used in a text.

Giveaway app

Users can donate or give away items that they do not use anymore. Once the items are submitted, it is given to someone else who needs them.

Credit spending app

This one lets users monitor how much they are spending in real-time. It also helps people understand their buying behaviors.

Wind chill app

You can provide the wind chill factor compared to the existing weather data in this app, thereby helping people make their plans accordingly.

Life assistance app

From first-time renters to inexperienced individuals, this app helps people with everyday tasks such as cooking, repairing a flat tire, etc.

Personal finance app

Individuals can handle all their finances, such as keeping track of daily spending, investing, etc.

Quiz app

Users can create and share quizzes using this app. They can play with an entire community of quizzers and test their knowledge on several topics.

Encouragement app

Every individual needs encouragement. This app can encourage users to .get their tasks done or beat all odds to reach their target.

Investment app

Investment apps let users trade stocks, get the hang of how this industry works and follow their accounts in real-time.

Pet health tracker app

Pet owners can track and improve the health of their pets with the fitness metrics and exercises suggestions provided by the app.

Originality detector

This app can detect if a particular item is original or not based on product quality, colors, tags, build, etc.

Invoicing app

This can calculate the tax that a user needs to pay based on their income.

Carbon footprint visualizer app

Users can see the scale of the carbon footprints left behind by their certain actions using AR.

Kindness sharing game

This app provides suggestions to users regarding how they can share kindness with friends, colleagues, and strangers.

Food review and recommendation app

The apps let you share feedback about different restaurants, thereby helping others decide where to eat.

Idea investment app

It provides an opportunity to entrepreneurs to share their business ideas and acquire greater visibility among potential investors.

People finding app

Like-minded people can find each other and communicate about their interests. They can also share their likes, dislikes, and preferences to find the perfect match.

Food freshness checker

This one uses AI to check the freshness of foods after the user has clicked the food’s picture and got it scanned on this app.

Book sharing app

Readers can share the list of books they own and ask for recommendations on this app.

Cards game app

As the name suggests, users can play different card games with other players online.

Healthcare apps

Patients can connect with healthcare workers and consult about their health-related issues. They can also get online appointment appointments with their preferred doctors.

Home remedies app

When nothing works out, home remedies come into play. Users can share their problems and get home remedy ideas instantly.

Virtual health check-up app

Individuals can find a doctor, a health specialist, or a therapist and get a complete health check-up done online.

Telemedicine apps

Healthcare professionals can spread their access, save lives through telemedicine apps without having to visit their houses.

School supply giveaway app

Students can sell or give away items they don’t need anymore and are in good condition. Products may include books or any other educational equipment.

Video hosting app

Stand-up comedians can share their live performance recordings and acquire more views on this app.

Suicide prevention help app

These mobile apps tend to provide the users with the professional skills required to help someone in need, irrespective of where they are from.

Contextual language learning app

Users can pick up certain foreign words and type them on the app. The app then presents texts, videos, and audio materials that consist of those words.

Beautician hiring app

Users can share their requirements in different categories such as skincare, haircare, etc. The app connects suitable beauticians with the users based on their requirements.

Deep sleep apps

These apps can help users get rid of stress and fall asleep gradually. You can also design it to enhance the attention span of users.

Checklist app

Users can use it as a central point to access checklists and get specific tasks done.

Song finder app

Users can find particular songs based on this app’s lyrics, genre, singer, etc.

Travel guidance app

This is for travelers who do not like to follow or be followed by a tour guide. They can use this app to identify the places they should visit and the ones they should avoid.

Remote nursing app

Nurses can provide virtual medical attention to not-so-critical patients using this app. Medical professionals can even prescribe medications.

Digital landscaping app

Users get to visualize how some changes in their garden space would look like.

Digital receipt app

Whether users make transactions at a retail store or shopping center, this app lets them access digital receipts for each transaction.

Matrimonial apps

People create their profiles and then search for other profiles that fit their criteria for marriage purposes.

Dashcam app

Users get to transform their devices into a functional dashcam. It uses the user’s device cameras, memory, and GPS.

Consumer guidance app

This one lets consumers search for specific brands, companies, or products.

Party Planners

Party hosts or planners can set reminders for the party and create a task list accordingly.

Time to the money calculator app

It helps people figure out how many hours they need to work to attain a specific goal.

Review and earn app

Users share reviews about a specific brand and earn rewards.

Virtual fashion designing app

Designers can see their designs before they cut and sew.

Elderly care app

Adults, especially elderly people, can get additional support, care, and attention through this app. You can include medication reminders and food delivery facilities.

Hair color assistance app

Users can see how they will look like after applying certain hair colors.

Jewelry design app

Jewelry designers can experiment with designs, share ideas with other team members and come to a proper conclusion.

AR jewelry try-on app

You can incorporate AR into the app and let users see how different forms of jewelry would look on them. This helps them make an informed decision about buying jewelry.

Locating small paid work app

Job-seekers can find small paid work opportunities. This app can play an excellent role for users who require some urgent cash.

Audio-based social media apps

These apps let users connect and share stories in audio format.

Colour blind support app

Color-blind users can discreetly identify the colors of different objects present around them by clicking pictures with the device camera and uploading them on this app.

Startup assistance app

Entrepreneurs have a wide slew of questions and doubts before starting a new business. This app can help them find answers to their questions and get effective business tips for experts.

Utility mobile apps

Utility mobile apps can make the users’ daily routine easier, faster, and smoother. These apps handle both the personal and business activities of users.

Smart home automation app

Smart homeowners can control the smart devices within their homes with this app even if they aren’t around the devices.

Story writing and sharing app

Storytellers can share their stories with other like-minded people. They can view other people’s stories as well and provide feedback if required.

GST return app

Business owners can make the hectic process of filing GST returns 10X easier using this app. It can get the same task done faster and with more accuracy.

Police alert app

Users can send real-time alerts to nearby patrol cars or police officers in emergencies or if they notice any suspicious behavior. There’s no need to search for a phone number and wait for the phone lines to connect.

Virtual time capsule app

Users can record memories in this virtual time capsule app. The memories can be in the form of videos, pictures, and other types of digital data that only certain people can view in the future.

Goal tracker app

This one helps teams monitor and track their progress towards specific goals. App developers can incorporate a proper structure into the app and other features such as progress bars and dashboards.

Negative thoughts prevention app

Every time users get a negative thought about themselves or others; they write it down on this app. The app then automatically shares tips or connects them with online therapists for a quick consultation.

Selfie competition and compare app

Selfies are trending, and the trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, you can design an app that lets users click selfies and participate in selfie competitions.

Virtual magazine apps

Magazine apps let people go through their favorite magazines on the go. You can categorize them based on the subjects they cover to make navigation easier for users.

Karaoke app

Singers can record their vocals with relevant background music and make a fully packed song on the app. You can make the lyrics appear on the screen to help users maintain a constant flow with their songs.

Classified apps

Classified apps such as OLX and eBay let users sell their products to the right seller and promote their products. These are more versatile than e-commerce apps.

Influencer marketing search app

This one connects brands with their niche influencers, which in turn support their marketing and advertising efforts. Influencers can upload their profiles with details on the app while the brands search through and contact a suitable influencer business law assignment help.

Stress management app

Stress is inevitable. But, this app can help the users manage their stress using meditation and relaxation techniques suggested by the app. Users can download it whenever they need to revive their mental space.

News outlets mobile apps

You can offer recent news and information to your users through this app. Showcase the information in a compact structure and understandable format to help readers navigate the page easily.

Seasonal produce app

This one is specifically designed for health-conscious audiences who prefer farm-fresh fruit and vegetables. These can show the locations to users where they can get seasonal produce along with the current season’s fruits and vegetables.

Brand identifier app

Users can gather deep insights into a brand before purchasing their products by scanning the brand tag or logo. You can also include brand references and reviews on this app.

Gaming apps

Gaming apps never go out of style, especially the multiplayer ones. Develop a gaming app that can bring people together.

New parent shopping app

New parents often get overwhelmed during their early stages of parenthood. This app can help them order essential products like baby creams, mediations, nappies, etc.

Caller image identifier app

This one detects the image data of anyone calling on the other side of the phone and shows the receiver’s information.

Scan to shop app

These apps let users search for products that they find attractive on eCommerce platforms instantly.

I know that’s a lot of Mobile App Ideas. But all you need is a little bit of courage to go ahead, pick the Mobile App Ideas you like, and transform them into reality. Good Luck.

Final Thoughts

With a wide variety of functional and useful applications presented on the market, there are numerous great app ideas to start a business. Customers are seeking more innovative features to already existing types of platforms and always welcome new apps. The development of apps requires a lot of work; however, many tools like our guide to starting a business facilitate the process for novices to succeed.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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