5 Bedroom Essentials to Consider for Better Sleep

5 Bedroom Essentials to Consider for Better Sleep

Have you invested in a memory foam mattress yet? Do you own a memory foam sleeping pillow? How does the lighting in your room affect your sleep? Do you realize the importance of decluttering your room for better sleep? We help you with all of the above questions and more. Everything you need to know about bedroom decor ideas, we cover it for you!

Getting adequate sleep will allow you to lead the best life. It improves concentration and productivity. As a result, it helps you get through all you have in your daily routine. However, if you have tried meditating, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine, and minimizing your stress levels, it may be time to turn the attention to your beds’ setup. Revamp your whole bed set up first before anything else if you want to get better sleep. In this article are bedroom essentials to put into consideration for a night of better sleep every night.

1. Supportive foundation

The supportive foundation or base under the mattress plays a vital role in your mattress performance. Even though you buy the best mattress you can get, but there is no sound foundation. It will not provide the support it should and neither perform at its best. Thus, as you choose a support base, ensure it has a good center with at least two legs touching the floor. Also, as you choose your bed frame, make sure it gives you level support to eliminate any bowing or flexing as you move around. Plus, you can choose a bed frame with other functional benefits, such as one with an option to adjust the base to your preferred sleeping position or one with dimmable lights in the headboard to help unwind after a long day.

2. Comfortable Mattress 

The mattress you sleep in is the most vital resource for you to get better sleep. Change your bed mattress after every seven or more years, for as you age, your sleep needs are also different. In the pursuit to buy a new one, you may consider among various mattresses, the nectar vs nectar premier, and many other available options. To choose a comfortable mattress, you need to consider certain things. Such as the overall feel of a mattress. Whether medium, firm, or plush, they all cater to different needs. Also, consider the comfort layer, which is determined by how you sleep, and it is different for every person. Finally, consider the budget, remember you are investing in health and wellbeing, and there is a mattress for every budget that suits you.

3. Mattress Protector

A new mattress is not something you can wash. Therefore, you need to consider buying a mattress protector that you can wash instead. Did you know you can lose up to a cup of sweat every night and more if you are a hot sleeper? Also, a mattress with no protector collects a lot of dirt and dust. Therefore, as you put your sheets and covers, it picks them up. As a result, it causes poor sleep quality as you breathe the pollen and dust, you get allergic reactions, and it is worse for people with allergic reactions and asthma. To maintain a clean environment, invest in a breathable mattress protector for all mattresses in your home.

4. Proper Sheets And Covers

Opt for natural fiber sheets if you feel warm while sleeping. While a fitted sheet should have a snug-fitting to ensure your mattress stays true to its feel. Check the measurements of the sheets you buy to see if they account for the full depth of the mattress. For the quilt cover, warm sleepers prefer cotton fabric, but if you feel cold at night, a wool quilt gives extra warmth and is breathable as you sleep. So, select quality sheets and covers and have enough of them to change over as you clean them at least twice a week.

5. Quality Pillow

Do not just buy any pillow to sleep on at night. A good pillow is dependent on your sleeping position and the feel of your mattress. For instance, a side sleeper on a firm bed needs a high-profile pillow to support the neck and shoulders. For this reason, as you buy a new mattress, get a fit for a proper pillow too, to ensure both works together effectively. So, with a supportive foundation, comfortable bed mattress, a protector, and quality sheets and covers, you have all the essentials for better sleep. Consider all these as quality sleep is vital for your health and wellbeing.

Transforming Your Bedroom

Cool, dark, relaxing, cozy, and distraction-free are the key concepts to keep in mind when optimizing your bedroom for sleep. These bedroom optimization ideas also apply to children’s rooms and can be helpful if you are setting up a guest room for visitors, as well.

Making gradual adjustments can make it easier if there are several things you want to change. For example:

  • Week 1: Make your bedroom cooler, reduce clutter, and leave phones on silent at night.
  • Week 2: Turn off the TV 30 minutes earlier and reduce other light sources.
  • Week 3: Start turning the TV off 60 minutes before bed and introduce a white noise machine if needed.
  • Week 4: Upgrade to the best mattress, bedding, and pillows; and consider removing the TV and other electronics from your bedroom.

We all have different tolerances and preferences, so listen to your body and note what feels best for you. You may not need to make every change suggested by sleep hygiene experts, rather the key takeaways are to make rest a priority in your routine and to establish a bedroom that caters to sleep above all else.

What bedroom tweaks help you get the best sleep? Do you already do any of these optimizations in your bedroom? How have they helped?

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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