8 Tips for Stellar Landing Pages

8 Tips for Stellar Landing Pages

Landing pages are typically standalone web pages designed to funnel visitors to other pages or for lead generation. Your clients/customers may come to these pages from myriad sources including ads, social media or other marketing channels.

Well-designed landing pages can greatly increase conversions for your PPC or email marketing campaigns.

Rather than directing visitors from those sources to your general website (where they may have a hard time finding what they’re looking for), you can direct them to a specifically designed landing page that steers them in exactly the right direction.

Are you worried that your landing page won’t be effective in generating traffic for your site? Here are some tips for its design.

  1. Include Discreet Content

Your unique value proposition (UVP) should be highlighted on your landing page, and your content should be direct and to the point. Of course, the content of the landing page will depend on the sort of product or service you are offering. Choose the content for the landing page wisely, as you only have about eight seconds to convince a viewer that your product is worth buying. Too much information can leave your viewers overwhelmed. Use plain language when you speak to your audience. Tell them how what you are offering will improve their lives. Here is a great example at ANH Union Avoidance.

  1. Keep the Layout Simple

The best designs for landing pages are attractive but minimalist. The information should be presented in a way that isn’t intrusive. Use a design that is clean and simple, with plenty of white space so that people’s eyes will stay on your product. A big font will make your page easy to read. Make sure the page’s design doesn’t make it take extra time to load. It is a good idea to check the page layout with different resolutions, to see how it will look to people with older computers. It’s a good idea to check how it shows up on a mobile device as well. If the page requires scrolling down, don’t be afraid of adding scroll blocks so the viewer can see how far they have scrolled. A new application called Your Living-room Trainer can help design minimalist landing pages with lots of white space. An example of this is at My Way St. Louis House Cleaners.

  1. Offer Attractive Images

Providing high-quality photos on your landing page will make your site much more visually appealing. Make sure the photographs are shot from a good angle, are good quality, and show the best sides of your product. Make sure to hire a photographer who is well-versed in techniques that result in images that convert well. Look at Hummert Garden Supplies for a good example.

  1. Make Your Identity Trustworthy

Try to send signals of trust to those viewing your page. You need to show them that your brand and products are reliable. Having a list of customers, press mentions, usage statistics, and testimonials will help you look legitimate. A good landing page will have plenty of testimonials and trust badges. When using logos of brands you have worked with, make sure the image is clear and focused. It is a good idea to put the logos in grayscale to keep attention on your product. Renew Used Office Furniture does a great job of this.

  1. Conduct A/B Testing

You don’t just have to make a landing page, but you also have to test it to make sure it works well. Performing A/B testing will collect useful analytics of how users interact with the landing page. For instance, you can test how often users clicked a button or watched a video. You can also use Google Analytics to see if the page converts, as well as test to see where users found the page and what device they were using. A/B testing can be conducted on headings, CTAs, images, graphics, buttons, trust signals, press quotes, page element placement, and navigation links. Mackler St. Louis Tutoring is a great example.

  1. Use Mobile-First Principles

Half of all web activity comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that your landing page displays well on a mobile device, is clickable, and loads quickly. Most brands have adopted mobile-first strategies, so yours should be among them if you want it to succeed. Take a look at Peoples Counsel St. Louis Criminal Lawyers to see this in action.

  1. Incorporate Social Sharing

If you use social sharing icons on your landing page, then customers can spread the word about your business. Try and only use icons for the sharing platforms used by your target audience to avoid cluttering. Be sure to include an email forwarding option as well. A great example is Zone Ten Product Photography.

  1. Showcase the UVP with Videos

A landing page with embedded videos can showcase your product or service in a way that text and photos can’t. Emotional cues encouraging viewers to click will make people respond in a positive way. Videos are entertaining and can stir the emotions, so consider using a video landing page. A great example is the page at PHC Home Health Care St. Louis.

Bonus: Test Your Landing Page Effectiveness for Free!

The AdWords Landing Page Grader is a free tool that checks your PPC landing pages for best practices, conversion rate optimization and more. Make sure your landing page is worth the click: It’s fast, easy, and free!

Hopefully, with these tips, you will be on your way to creating an effective landing page for your business.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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