CISSP Certification: Reshaping Career in Cybersecurity

CISSP Certification: Reshaping Career in Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is increasing to such an extent that no company is completely safe from attacks. Be it sensitive company data or customer information – a data breach can have devastating consequences. With billions lost to cybercrime every year, attackers constantly target the internet’s weakest links, forcing companies to find practical solutions. An Israeli researcher, Nitsen

Cybercrime is increasing to such an extent that no company is completely safe from attacks.

Be it sensitive company data or customer information – a data breach can have devastating consequences.

With billions lost to cybercrime every year, attackers constantly target the internet’s weakest links, forcing companies to find practical solutions.

An Israeli researcher, Nitsen Jive, claims that more than 150 hackers breached security systems and caused more than $100,000 in damage. Since cybercrime emerged, the basic principle of detection and prevention is to install the right protection so that it becomes difficult for the hacker to hack any system – Rhino’s approach.

As one of the most credible and enviable certificates, CISSP training involves a thorough process and exams that you must pass before accreditation.

Despite the enormous effort, accreditation will be beneficial. Below are some highlights of the perfect benefits of this certificate.

Certificates provide employers intending to measure a candidate’s security skills, which are dominated by many valuable certificates. With so many certificates in this landscape, deciding who or which group can be a difficult task.

The real appeal and interest in the CISSP degree are evident in the number of professionals studying it. There are over 130,000 CISSP experts in over 170 countries and a proven track record of more than 25 years.

As the demand for CISSP-certified professionals exceeds the number of CISSP holders, taking a cybersecurity course is one of the recommendations of several workforce surveys.

So why should you consider becoming a CISSP certified professional?

Become in-demand: 

There are more than 301,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S., with more companies having less confidence in their existing employees, according to a report submitted by CyberSeek. Over 80% of cybersecurity organizations want to add more people to their team, and more than 20% want to double their workforce.

The number of security professionals who believe their teams can detect security breaches rarely reaches 30%, while 40% estimate that their professionals can only deal with trivial issues.

In 2019, more than 50,000 jobs were identified as cybersecurity vacancies by employers, which means many organizations are looking to upgrade their teams by hiring CISSP certified staff. The CISSP credential allows you to choose from thousands of jobs waiting to be filled.

Gain (ISC)2 membership: 

Taking the CISSP course will give you a better, deeper and broader understanding of standard cybersecurity practices, as well as automated membership (ISC) 2.

Members in this category receive substantial bonuses that include 50% off all (ISC)2 products and services such as books, access to company-led research such as the Global Information Security Workforce Survey, and free subscriptions to many (ISC)2 packages.

Other benefits include unlimited access to conferences, webinars, digital badges that allow you to share your credentials online, and the ability to start a local salary (ISC)2)2 compared to non-member salaries.

The higher wages are further evidence that employers believe Membership (ISC) 2 is a mandate to become a world leader in information security.

Global recognition: 

Unlike many standard certificates, the CISSP certificate is internationally recognized and is used by S.C. for 2015 as the best cybersecurity certificate.

Companies like Google, IBM, P&G and Microsoft recognize CISSP courses. They often hire CISSP certified professionals because they have the skills, commitment and deep understanding of the security domain.

A widely recognized achievement, the CISSP certification is the first online letter of credit to achieve the ISO 17024 standard and a product that has undergone years of research and advancement.

The U.S. Department of Defense and the Australian Government require a CISSP certificate as a prerequisite for membership.

Overall, obtaining this certification brings great benefits worldwide.

Embark on a lasting career path: 

Enrollment in cybersecurity courses is gaining popularity in part because it is a prerequisite for CISSP certification.

With the increasing online infrastructure adopted by many companies, the skills and knowledge to understand complex and volatile threats are becoming increasingly difficult for uncertified personnel.

Recently, companies have invested heavily in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Big Data to make valid predictions and maintain enterprise-level strategies to address cybersecurity gaps.

This growing investment poses career risks for most cybersecurity professionals – but not for CISSP certified individuals. This certificate is proof enough that you are a cybersecurity leader and that you have everything you need to make tough decisions, understand the risks ahead, and develop effective strategies.

That’s as good as making yourself indispensable in a very unstable landscape.

Demonstration of years of practical experience: 

CISSP certification typically covers all areas of cybersecurity – from risk and security management to robust network frameworks for testing and operation – and how components interact.

This is a great way to showcase your knowledge and prove that you have the necessary skills in various areas of cyberspace.

As a sign that shows your resistance to cybersecurity, it also demonstrates your knowledge of technology, controls, and technical security skills, enhancing management skills.

Information about expiration and renewal: 

The validity of the CISSP certificate is for three years until it expires.

You must earn at least 120 professional development credits in any three-year interval to enhance your skills in this profession.

These credits are divided into two main categories: Type A, which must represent at least 80 credits, and Type B, which represents 40 credits.

Type A includes information directly related to the security profession, while Type B includes other professional skills that complement your CISSP education.

Since CISSP certification involves increasing cybersecurity spikes beyond the horizon, you will need to continue to add CPU credits to your account to demonstrate that you have the appropriate skills.

Summing up:

The CISSP certification covers steps with different levels of education and experience and is one of the main reasons it is so highly valued worldwide.

Some of the most common areas of this certification are facility security, technical security, operations security, identity access, and software management and development security. While practical knowledge of this component is gained through work experience, enrolling in a cybersecurity course in Canada builds a large part of that experience through education.

With over 25 years of experience, the CISSP certificate is real proof that you are the first in the cybersecurity game in terms of experience and knowledge.

There are more than 130,000 CISSP professionals in 170 countries worldwide, and the demand for CISSP professionals is growing.

Several employee surveys have shown that there is no better time than now to maximize your career at CISSP and reap incredible benefits. From understanding every aspect of cybersecurity to demonstrating years of hands-on experience, you’re sure to stand out among the best professionals.

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