How to Make the Most of Your Morning Commute

How to Make the Most of Your Morning Commute

For those of us who have jobs that allow you to travel to and from a place of work every day, this article was made for you. We’ve compiled a list of our best long commute to work tips, so you can feel productive and proactive during those drives, train rides, and seemingly infinite subway stops.

Despite the spread of remote work, many people still commute back and forth to an office. Although the national average is around 25 minutes of travel time each way, some commutes, particularly in metropolitan areas, are upwards of an hour or two. This adds up to a lot of time simply sitting in transit.

For the vast majority of us our morning commute is a source of great misery. You might end up sat on the commuter train next to someone who thinks egg sandwiches are acceptable public transport food. You could end up sat in an hour long traffic jam in your car with a radio that doesn’t work. You could get caught in the rain cycling and arrive to the office feeling soggy and demotivated, rather than fit and fantastic as you had been promised by the cycle to work scheme salesman. Whatever horror stories you have from your morning commute, there are some steps you can take to make the whole experience a little more pleasant. Here are the best of them.

Successful people will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Whilst working on the morning commute sounds like a recipe for disaster, you’d be amazed what you can get done with some noise-canceling headphones and the right attitude. If you’re lucky enough to be able to book a seat on your morning train then book yourself one with a tray table at least. That way, you can get your laptop out and reply to all the nuisance emails that you just don’t have time for in the work day. The noise-canceling headphones are a great option if you commute on a busy route, as you really won’t be able to hear anyone and nobody will try to talk to you either; win win. Using this technique can also be useful if you want to start a project of your own. If you’ve always dreamed of working abroad, then why not take the opportunity to start learning a language. Website allows you to practice for as little as five minute per day and promises results. So, with perhaps an hour of commuting time each day to devote to language learning, you could be speaking competently in no time.

If work is simply not on the agenda for you before you actually clock in, then that is absolutely fine too. Working the hours you’re allocated is what you are paid to do after all. If this describes your attitude then there are still ways that you can get the most out of your commute. Making sure that you have an arsenal of games is a great way to pass the time and with certain games you can really get your brain working, ready for the day. Card and casino games are a popular option, particularly for anyone who works with numbers as they can help get you into the right mathematical frame of mind. Slots games are less number intense, but researching your return to player ratios and working out multipliers still provides a bit of a workout,  have a huge catalog of slots, which you can choose to play for money, or for free if you’d rather. They also review casino sites, so if you prefer a card game such as poker or blackjack to get those numbers flowing, you can find a trusted site to use as well.

Here are some ideas to improve your commute:

Perhaps if you’re so keen to avoid putting in any extra work, then it could be time for a change up. Many of us work jobs that we’re unhappy in because finding a new one involves quite a bit of effort. However, if you’ve been in the same position for a couple of years without a pay raise or promotion, then it could be that your company simply isn’t appreciating the work that you do for them. In which case, who can blame you for not wanting to take it home with you! The good news is that your morning commute can be spent preparing yourself for your next career move. The most essential thing to start with is brushing up your CV and at we’ve provided some foolproof tips on just that. Once you’ve got the CV covered, writing a tailored cover letter for each of your job applications is another great way to use your time in the morning. Tailor each of your transferable skills specifically to the job that you want, explain why they can’t possibly afford to not take you on and be honest about your capabilities. Many of us are afraid to seem boastful, but we risk underselling ourselves. Your job application should show you at your very best, so don’t be modest about it.

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