How to Remove Ingrown Hairs From Shaving

How to Remove Ingrown Hairs From Shaving

You get ingrown pubic hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface. It can happen when pubic hair has been shaved, waxed, or plucked. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, razor bumps and have been struggling to keep them under control then you’ve come to the right

You get ingrown pubic hairs when your pubic hair grows back into the skin instead of up to the surface. It can happen when pubic hair has been shaved, waxed, or plucked.

If you suffer from ingrown hairs, razor bumps and have been struggling to keep them under control then you’ve come to the right place. I too had suffered from this but now I am free off this plight and have a face as supple and smooth as baby skin. I’ll share with you my remedy.

What causes an ingrown hair?

There are a few different things that cause ingrown hairs, some of which you can’t control, some of which you can. On the first list—the texture of your hair. “Ingrown hairs are more common in those with curly hair. As the hair curls, it can easily get redirected and start growing back into the skin, rather than up out,” explains Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a Boston-based dermatopathologist. If it seems like there are more ingrown hair bumps on your bikini line than anywhere else, that’s not your imagination. Because pubic hair is more coarse and curly, you’re more likely to develop ingrowns in this area, adds Dr. Icecreamwala.

Ingrown Hair Symptoms

An ingrown hair irritates your skin. You might notice:

  • A raised red bump (or group of bumps) that’s like a little pimple
  • A boil-like sore
  • Itching
  • Discomfort

You may have pus inside the bumps. Or you may see the hair under the skin that’s causing the problem.

How to use beard balm lot from ingrown hairs which caused me serious bumps and pits on my face. Wet shaving with razors was a nightmare. I tried all the techniques explained on the internet and by others but none worked. Within a couple of days of shaving with a razor my face would be plighted with ingrown hairs and razor bumps. I switched to beard clippers which reduced the problem by 70% and continued with this method for some years until my clipper had reached its end and I thought, surely there must be another way to further reduce this ingrown hair issue. I was so worried by the issue and had it so bad at one point that my doctor had to prescribe antibiotics.

I went on the web searching for the best replacement for my beard clipper and stumbled upon an African American forum and one of the subjects at hand were the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver. Many people on the forum claimed that the shaver is worth its weight in gold and completely eliminated their ingrown hair problem. Living in the USA I soon found that the product is marketed under various different names. Basically the advise on the forum was to get a Philips 3x head Rotary Shaver that says “Lift and Cut” as one of its features.

After searching the web I came across a few and decided on the Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5100, S5210/81, with Precision Trimmer together with Nivea for Men Shaving cream, both from amazon. It was very dear but Amazon had it on sale for the cheapest price at that time. The first time I used it I was surprised. I had the smoothest shave I’ve ever had in years. After I shaved I washed my face and applied tea tree oil followed by aloe vera gel to prevent any irritations. I was nervous that after this smooth shave my face would be bombarded with ingrown hairs and razor bumps but no. This did not happen. A day had passed and it was time to shave again. Same procedure shave, wash face and dry then apply tea tree oil followed by aloe vera gel. I’ve now used the shaver 4 times and my face is baby smooth. No ingrown hairs and my skin is healing alarming quick from the damage that years of ingrown hairs had caused. All I can say is that I wish I had known about this shaver before. It makes me look forward to shaving now.

The shaver is well built and light. No need to apply pressure when shaving. It comes with a free can of Nivea shaving balm which you pump into a repository built into the shaver. This is then applied to your face while you shave by pressing a button on the shaver. Ingenious design. Let the rotary heads do all the work. For an electric shaver, it is one of the quietest I’ve come across. To clean just hold it under a hot water tap for 30 seconds as per instructions and that’s it.

Below is my instructions to give you that perfect shave and bump free face. I find that shaving after having a shower or bath gives the best result as this shaver is designed for wet shaving. The hairs are at their softest and the pores on your face are open after a shower or bath.

1.Wash your face with warm water and soap first. The water should be as hot as your face can comfortably tolerant. If your skin is sensitive use a medicated or scent free soap. Lather the soap in your palms really well and gently rub into your wet face in circular motion. Paying the most attention to the areas ingrown hairs are prown. Rinse of with warm water. Do not dry your face.

2. This step involves using Baking Soda(Bi-carbonate of soda) as an exfoliant. Why? It does an excellent job, it’s cheap and also a mild anti-baterial and leaves your skin very smooth and silky afterwards. Pour about a couple of teaspoons into the palm of your hand and add a few drops of warm water and mix with your finger until it has the consistency of toothpaste. Then rub on other hand and gently massage into wet face in small circular motions for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute. Paying attention to problem ingrown hair areas. It may sting slightly, this is normal. Rinse off face with warm water afterwards.

3. Tea tree oil clipper sanitizing spray. Always sanitize your shaver with Tea Tree oil sanitizing spray. A couple of sprays with the shaver running before and after shaving works wonders. Tea tree oil clipper sanitizing spray can be bought online and at many other places. I use a product called “Tea Tree Oil Clipper Cleaner Sanitizing Spray” It’s cheap and a natural product. Bacteria on shavers and razors will infect areas where hair is growing into the skin. Sanitize the shaver and proceed to shave as per instructions in the manual that came with the Philips HS8440 Nivea for Men Shaver. Use a good shaving gel to shave with. Bump Patrol shaving gel is a very good product.

What causes an ingrown hair?

  • Hair that is cut close to or below the follicular opening may have a sharp tip that can pierce the skin to cause an ingrown hair.
  • Improper shaving techniques are the major cause of ingrown hairs.
  • Other hair-removal methods, including waxing, as well as common friction from tight clothing, may worsen the situation.
  • Although an ingrown hair is primarily caused by improper or aggressive hair removal, it sometimes occurs naturally as too much dead skin debris blocks the hair follicle opening, causing the hair to grow sideways.

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