14 Things You Must Do After Moving to NYC

14 Things You Must Do After Moving to NYC

New York can be compared to a salad bowl. Wondering where we’re going with this? Well, a salad bowl comprises different vegetables mixed together, while still retaining their identities and flavors. Likewise, New York is the bowl and the vegetables are the people that make up the various ethnicities in the city. Every community that

New York can be compared to a salad bowl. Wondering where we’re going with this? Well, a salad bowl comprises different vegetables mixed together, while still retaining their identities and flavors.

Likewise, New York is the bowl and the vegetables are the people that make up the various ethnicities in the city. Every community that you encounter in the city has impacted the music, the food, the art, among a host of other things.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a Little Italy, a Little Brazil, and a Chinatown all in the same city! Besides the festivals that are specific to each culture, you’ll also find an NYC Multicultural Festival that honors people from a multitude of races.

So, when you’re lucky enough to move to such an inclusive city, aren’t you going to make the most of it? Of course, you will! After you move to New York City, you’ll have some time on your hands , so we suggest you explore the city and do the following things after finding affordable rooms for rent in NYC.

1. Experience the subway

 The New York subway system is the lifeblood of the city. More than 50 percent of the residents depend on the subway to commute across the city, which is easy, quick, and convenient.

As a new resident of the city, you should ride the subway a couple of times to get a feel of the system. The best part is if you don’t manage to get off at your destination, you get to ride the whole way for free!

The faster you know your way around the subway, the better it’ll be for you to travel around the city without having to spend a bomb on cab fare. Musicians will also entertain you without charging a dime. 

2. Shop from sidewalk fruit stands

In a city like New York, where everything costs you an arm and a leg, these fruit stands are a treat! You’ll be surprised and happy to find a range of fruits available at meager prices.

Also, just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’re of low quality. Instead, they’re fresh and yummy! So, buy in bulk and stock them in the refrigerator. Take some along with you to work or have them on the way to work.

3. Have a sumptuous brunch

You’re aware that NYC’s famous for many reasons. But did you know that its brunches are to die for? Well, now you do! Once you move in, you’ll need to find eateries around your neighborhood or in the city to have your meals, if cooking isn’t on your list of to-do things.

So, while searching for decent restaurants, find one where they serve brunch. There are so many such places that you might be spoilt for choice!

4. Be a part of the audience for SNL or late Night

It’s hard to believe that in a city where so many amazing shows and films are shot, most New Yorkers don’t bother to see them. Some of these include Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, all of which are shot at the Rockefeller Center.

So, before your work consumes you, head over to the venue and be part of the lively audience at these shows. It’s an experience you’ll always cherish!

5. Take a walk in Central Park

If you’re a nature lover, you should, without a doubt, explore Central Park, or what people refer to as ‘NYC’s backyard.’ Besides huge green spaces, you’ll find duck puddles, baseball fields, a carousel, Sheep’s Meadow, and many other attractions.

You can have a picnic, climb rocks, or just have ice cream and take a nice long walk in the park.

6. Hop on the Staten Island Ferry or East River Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry and the East River Ferry will offer you some breathtaking vistas of the city. While the Staten Island Ferry is free, the East River Ferry has a charge and takes you to Brooklyn should you wish to skip the subway. No matter what you choose, you get to travel on water and savor some stunning views!

7. Try different kinds of cuisines and street food

NYC houses varied cultures and each culture contributes its own cuisine. You just have to search a little to find the kind of food you’re looking for within a specific price range.

Interested in Ukrainian cuisine? Head over to Veselka. If you wish to go the Jewish way, drop by Katz’s Deli. So, as long as you live in the city, taste everything you can get your hands on! The same thing applies to street food, which is one of the things people identify NYC with.

Everything from hot dogs to roasted chestnuts is available at the food stalls that crop up everywhere like mushrooms! Worried about hygiene? Don’t be! If it were that bad, hundreds of New Yorkers wouldn’t have flocked to these places every single day of their lives!

8. Unwind on the High Line

The High Line was a railroad that was converted to an elevated linear park, 1.45-miles long, and is now one of the latest attractions in NYC. Apart from loads of greenery, you’ll find vendors selling all kinds of food.

Overall, it’s an excellent place to relax and unwind.

9. Try skating in Wollman’s Rink

A product of Central Park, Wollman’s Rink, serves dual purposes in summer and winter. In summer, it becomes an amusement park, while in the winter, it turns into an excellent skating rink.

It’s a great place to spend some time with your friends while sipping hot cocoa. Remember to dress in layers!

10. Do some shopping at the Union Square Markets

Would you like some freshly baked goods? Well, Union Square Market is your place!

Interestingly, the market doesn’t just sell baked stuff. You’ll also find fresh fruits, vegetables, and flowers too. Everything you buy here is of excellent quality, so buy extra and save it for later consumption.

During holidays, there’s a separate market with several vendors selling their wares. This is an ideal place to shop for gifts for your family and friends.

11. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of NYC’s iconic landmarks, so we recommend that you make time to stroll along the bridge and revel in its beauty as well as the gorgeous sights of the city.

Maybe once you reach the other side of the bridge, you can have a leisurely and heavy lunch and walk back to burn the calories!

12. Win a lottery to watch a Broadway Show

Watching Broadway musicals or shows are among the must-do things when you’re in New York. But the only problem is the tickets are pricey. So, do you have another way for you to watch a show? If you’re lucky!

Enter your name in a lottery run by the management team and cross your fingers! If you win, you add another captivating experience to your list!

13. Explore the music scene

If you don’t explore the music scene in New York, you’re missing out on a lot.  For indie bands, DJs, and electronic music artists, head over to Elsewhere, a warehouse nightclub spread over 24,000 square feet in East Williamsburg.

Forrest Hills Stadium, which hosted many U.S. Open and Davis Cup matches, is another place of interest. If you’re into heavy metal and rock, Saint Vitus Bar is your place, and they host such bands throughout the week.

Finally, if you’re a jazz lover, drop by Village Vanguard, a basement jazz club, for some live music.

14. Attend the various festivals

 In New York, there’s never a shortage of events to attend. There’s a BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn event held at the amphitheater in Prospect Park, featuring classic soul, indie rock, funk, and hip hop artists.

You could attend the Governors Ball Music Festival, and you may get an opportunity to rub shoulders with famous stars from the world of rap, rock, and electronic music dance. Then there’s the Tribeca Film Festival with events showcasing short films, a red carpet event, and tête-à-tête with film directors.

Are you a foodie by any chance? Then you should definitely visit the Ninth Avenue International Food Festival, which honors the entire gamut of cultures in New York through their respective cuisines. Last but not least, visit the New York Comic-Con, a comic book convention for comic nerds!

So, do you think the list of things here is doable? We believe you can do more! Work and home responsibilities aside, remember to keep yourself free at least for half a day on weekends, go out and paint the town red! New York never disappoints as far as recreational opportunities go, so maximize your time in the city.

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