Is Laravel still relevant in 2021

Is Laravel still relevant in 2021

Laravel has had numerous improvements as of 2021. Its functionality and features have evolved to the point that it has become the most used PHP framework for developing online applications. Therefore, why not wash your hands in running water? Why not maximize the benefits of Laravel development? Are you planning to hire dedicated Laravel developers?

Laravel has had numerous improvements as of 2021. Its functionality and features have evolved to the point that it has become the most used PHP framework for developing online applications. Therefore, why not wash your hands in running water? Why not maximize the benefits of Laravel development? Are you planning to hire dedicated Laravel developers? You can get in touch with Web Development India. They have expert and talented pool of professional  providing wide range of Laravel development services.

However, let us first understand what PHP is utilized for and then dissect each significant benefit of this marvellous framework.

There are numerous programming frameworks available to developers when developing applications. There is an abundance of such frameworks, which might be perplexing to anyone! Each of them has a unique set of advantages, and the level of comfort varies accordingly.

It may take months to build a certain application using one framework, but only a few of days with another! Additionally, the user experience changes depending on the frameworks that are employed. Assume you want to construct visually appealing, complete, and faultless web applications that provide the needed functionality and features without investing a millennium in their design. Laravel extends its hand in that circumstance!. You can hire a web development companies in India  to get your website developed on PHP or custom PHP framework like Laravel.

Laravel includes some magnificent, jaw-dropping features that will provide you with significant benefits.

What Is the Purpose of Laravel?

In general terms, as discussed previously, PHP is utilized for web programming and excels at it. While developers formerly chose to use this scripting language for dynamic web pages, creating server-side web applications is now fashionable.

PHP is a general-purpose language, which means that it may have additional implementations if necessary. For instance, we can use PHP to construct desktop applications. Additionally, beginning with version 5, PHP supports object-oriented programming, which adds a slew of new possibilities.

Due to the versatility of this scripting language, it has an exceptional capacity to be combined with a wide variety of different programming languages. For example, developers can utilize the C programming language to create extensions for PHP, allowing for the addition of additional functionality.

Additionally, PHP has a large variety of frameworks and modules available that enhance its capabilities even further. The most common examples are Laravel, Phalcon, Zend Framework, Symfony, and Yii.

Laravel is popular for the following reasons:

Writing unit tests requires a significant amount of time. However, the effort is not in useless, as software testing provides clients with information about the quality of a service or product. Fortunately, testing in Laravel is already decoupled from the framework!

By utilizing the Laravel framework, you may leverage pre-built functions to automate the completion of highly demanding activities, saving you the time and effort associated with writing hundreds of lines of code and hours for such jobs. For example, authentication (integration of social logins), caching (to improve efficiency), and other features are already included in a new Laravel installation, making development faster, easier, and more efficient!

Analysing best practices for web application creation and maintenance and making decisions about how to correctly apply everything takes little time when using Laravel. The reason for this is Laravel’s meticulous documentation.

On Laravel, you’ll find a plethora of courses, tutorials, and code samples. In plain English, the Laravel framework is extremely friendly and aesthetically beautiful.

What are the primary benefits of Laravel development?

Simple Unit Testing

The ease of unit testing is a significant argument to choose the Laravel framework for web development. Unit testing is a type of testing in which each component or module of your web application is examined to ensure that each component or module of your website remains intact.

Prior to going live with your web application, you should perform unit testing to guarantee there are no exceptions or errors. It’s really reassuring to have an app that is bug-free and performs well for your end consumers. You’re now tempted to choose Laravel, aren’t you?

Security system at the highest level

How could anyone envision cybersecurity in the modern era? It is critical for developers to create the most secure online apps possible. Each website collects data from a variety of sources, including some critical personal information provided by website visitors.

Each year, we hear or read about various cyber assaults that occur in and around our communities. In such cases, you should only choose frameworks that completely secure your online applications. If you use Laravel to construct online applications, one of the most remarkable features is its ability to offer top-notch security. It protects data from external security breaches of various kinds.

Laravel is one of the most secure web frameworks available, incorporating features such as SQL injection to protect the codebase and other data, making it a far more dependable framework than others in this regard. It mitigates a variety of security threats while providing a slick and seamless online application experience.

Outstanding performance

If you’re looking for the greatest website performance and speed, Laravel should be the first thing that comes to mind. For business businesses, the website’s smooth and rapid performance is critical. It is the era of cutthroat competition, and you cannot accept any performance concerns. Your target users may directly switch to your competitors, which is the worst-case scenario. Laravel provides the optimal performance for a website, removing all of your concerns.

However, there are a few functionality and features that may impact the web application’s performance, but Laravel includes some incredible tools, including as Redis and Memcached, that assist developers in significantly increasing performance. Simply integrate those tools into the Laravel framework and observe your web application run flawlessly.

Improved time-to-market

Accelerating your digital transformation is critical in the modern day, which is why , Web Development India recommends that you select the ideal framework for your web application. By choosing the Laravel framework, you may accelerate the development of your web apps and thereby bring them to life much faster than with other frameworks.

Laravel is the supreme gasoline for your web application’s fuel tank, and Laravel’s craze will continue in this manner exclusively!

Sustaining community support

Additionally, when it comes to community support, Laravel offers a sizable network of businesses and professionals who will go above and beyond to assist you in any way possible. Yes, Web Development India’s Laravel support is something you’re likely to remember for the rest of your life!

The community works to further the mission of Laravel Development by making it more faultless, scalable, and fun.

Developers seeking assistance with developing additional difficult functionality or features can always solicit assistance from the community, and they will never feel trapped.

It’s advantageous and critical while working on a difficult and challenging project that requires assistance in constructing end-to-end and sturdy web application functionality and features. A sizable and supportive online community is a gift to creators.

Therefore, if your developer requires assistance with implementing any complicated functionality, the doors of , Web Development India ‘s Laravel support are always open to provide experienced assistance at an extremely affordable rate to ensure that your project is exactly what you desire. In brief, we will not allow the development of your app to halt due to the addition of such complicated and demanding functionality.

Migration of Databases

Database migration is one of the most important components of development since it enables developers to easily share databases among their teams. With database migration functionality, this is made simple and rapid. Additionally, with database migration functionality, developers may easily revert unintended database modifications.


If you want to create the best, most effective, and robust multilingual applications possible, Laravel has the functionality you need. Laravel comes with multilingual features, which enables you to easily expand into uncharted commercial territories. That manner, visibility and brand familiarity can be significantly increased.

Without a doubt, such feature will increase visitors to your website, which will result in increased revenues and profits. With multilingual apps, versatility and scalability are elevated to an entirely new level, enriching your web application.

MVC structure

MVC refers to the web framework’s Model View Controller architecture. Laravel utilizes an MVC design, which distinguishes it as one of the most advanced frameworks.

This MVC architecture has a number of advanced built-in functions that make it easy for developers to create powerful and outstanding applications. Additionally, the presence of the MVC architecture results in sophisticated documentation combined with an exceptional speed of the online application.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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