The best ways to promote your blog posts

The best ways to promote your blog posts

Starting a blog these days has become easy with platforms like WordPress. However once it is up and running, the next big challenge you have is to bring more traffic to your blog or website. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a marketing guru to promote your blog. You can easily increase your blog traffic

Starting a blog these days has become easy with platforms like WordPress. However once it is up and running, the next big challenge you have is to bring more traffic to your blog or website.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a marketing guru to promote your blog. You can easily increase your blog traffic to get more visitors by using some proven best practices.

Do you want to know the best way to get more readers on your blog? Promote! Yes, promoting is not only for authors and musicians. Bloggers need promotion too.

With so many blogs competing for attention these days, it’s essential to use all possible resources to see your blog posts.

What Is A Blog?

Blogs are websites that publishing thoughts on a topic. Individuals or organizations can write them, including text and images, videos, audio files, etc.

Blogging started in the early 2000s with people writing about their lives inside weblogs (or blog for short).

Nowadays, many companies create blogs to provide information about themselves or promote products/services they offer.

Promote your blog posts on social media

If you want to promote your blog posts on social media, consider writing a long post.

Longer content tends to get shared more often than shorter pieces of text do.

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter don’t have enough space for short messages. So they may seem unappealing or not as relevant compared to other users’ newsfeeds, where longer stories are viewable by others who follow the user’s page.

A better way would be first identifying which networks will help spread awareness about what was posted online.

It can be through videos that go viral, photos with artistic filters applied onto them, then share those images across different channels such as Pinterest & Instagram.

Share the blog post on other blogs and websites.

You can share your blog post with other websites or blogs in several ways.

An excellent place to start is by using the social media buttons on your site, located either at the top or bottom of each page.

You could also copy and paste an excerpt into another blogger’s website if they have permitted you to do so through guest posting guidelines.

For example, this will give them more exposure since it allows their readers access to new material that may be interesting.

Create a press release to promote your blog post

It’s always a good idea to create press releases for your blog posts.

Because these announcements are distributing through an established media outlet, it can be reassuring and helpful to other people who read your post or share links on social networks where you don’t have as much control over the context of what is being shared.

This tactic may also encourage others with similar interests in this topic area to visit our site more regularly!

It’s best practice when promoting content that includes new information about something important like health advancements, scientific discoveries, etc.

Especially if readers are looking for certain types of specialized equipment, tools, or ingredients, it would be a great idea to share your blog post with them.

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Use email marketing to send out links to the content of your most recent blog posts.

If you want to jump into the world of email marketing, your opt-in rates must stay high.

Blogging provides an excellent opportunity for people interested in what you have to say. The content on your website because can subscribe right from their RSS feed reader or via an email update.

So, when new blog posts go live, subscribers get notified immediately.

Suppose you’re blogging regularly about topics related specifically to those who may find value in subscribing.

In that case, there is a good chance these individuals will see this as valuable enough information where they’ll willingly give out their name and email address with ease.

As a result, readers will be engaged with your content when they see links to relevant articles in the sidebar and remain as your subscribers.

Send an email blast with new content at least once per week, or more often if you have time.

The best way to promote your blog is by sending an email blast at least once per week with new content.

It will ensure that you consistently give readers fresh. Exciting material and remind them about the existence of your website or business!

How To Make Your Blog Post More Attractive? 

How can you make your blog posts more attractive? Attractiveness, in this case, means readability.

It would be best to use attractive images or captions for the photos accompanying your narrative text while writing long-form narratives on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

If you’re working with short snippets of copy rather than 1,000+ words, then using formatting options could help break up large chunks of content into something easier to digest by readers.

How To Monetize With A Blog? 

While monetizing your blog can be difficult, it’s not impossible. There are many ways to do so, and the more creative you get with these methods, the better! Here are some tips that will help:

When writing a post or article for your site/blog – always include at least one affiliate link back to an appropriate product or service (reduce bounce rates by making sure this is relevant).

There are many affiliate networks online, such as Digistore, Clickbank, JV Zoo, and many others that you are interested in. What you need to be sure of is that your website must be niche-focused.

For example, if your topic is Tennis, you should only talk about Tennis gear and equipment rather than jumping onto Basketball and Football on the same website.

If possible, try building up traffic through social media platforms before even creating the content itself.

This way, when people come, they have an easy place to go if what you’ve written doesn’t interest them right away.

Why Using SEO Can Be Effective in Promoting Your Blog Post?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a fascinating and potentially very effective way to promote your blog post. Tennis gear and equipment rather than jumping onto Basketball and Football on the same website.

When you use SEO as part of the process for enabling a piece online. There are several aspects involved with this that can be incredibly useful.

Why Consistency Matters in Blog? 

Consistency is essential in any blog because it builds credibility with its readers. The more a blogger posts, the better they will become at writing and using their voice to connect with others.

What Is The Future Of Blog?

The future of the blog is not clear. Some say it will die out, while others are optimistic that blogs have a promising future ahead of them.

Blogging has become the second most popular activity on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

There’s no doubt that blogging can influence people in many ways through thought-provoking topics or unique ideas shared between readers online. Which makes bloggers influential figures to follow via their pages across all platforms available today.

Your Plan of Action to Promote Your Blog Today

Follow these steps, starting right now:

  • Focus in on just 1 – 3 of these blog promotion strategies (ideally ones that lean on your own strengths) and commit to a 3 – 6 month test
  • As difficult or unclear as it may feel, really give these new tactics a few months to see if they yield results
  • When a strategy shows positive signs, direct more of your resources toward that one
  • If you’re not experiencing positive results anywhere, try directing your energy into a different set of strategies from this guide (after your 3 – 6 month test window)

Remember that no matter how you slice it…

It takes real time to build a successful blog. I’m 6 years into my journey here, and while the pay off took some time… I can tell you my investment has been very worthwhile.

Your blog isn’t a failure if it takes months or even years to achieve the traffic and revenue figures you hope to one day reach.

Plant the seeds today, work hard on promoting your blog and you’ll reap the rewards in the months and years to come.

To assist us in enhancing the quality of this article, please share your insights on how we can improve the information provided. Your constructive feedback is greatly appreciated as we strive to better serve our readers.

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