Emery To Premiere Visual Album Rub Some Dirt On It 9/16/2021

Emery album will be titled Rub Some Dirt On It, the title was revealed in a post by Devin Shelton to the Emeryland community. No release date has been announced yet and writing continues.

In a bold move, Emery aspires to take the concept of an album to the next level, a live captured video album. Rub Some Dirt On It, the band’s 9th album, was captured in under two hours with a full cinematic documentary crew on site to capture the pressure and the specialness of six musicians together creating at their highest level in real-time. Visit momenthouse.com/emery to purchase a ticket to this once in a lifetime experience happening September 16th!

“We are aiming to transition to being a digital first band,” says guitarist Matt Carter, “we want to create experiences in emerging technologies.”

Emery is an emo-rock band that started in 2001. They have toured worldwide with eight full length releases (9th coming soon), several EPs and multiple exclusive releases to their private subscription club called Emeryland. Emery continues to make new music each year with a loyal group of followers. Emeryland is a growing and sustainable community that continues to incorporate and enhance a cohesive, collaborative group that sustains their art at the center, while building relationships and value. Emery also created their very own cryptocurrency called Emerycoin ($WALLS) that is used within the community for memberships, exclusive merchandise, shows and more. Emery’s twenty year tenure proves their longevity and adaptability over the course of two decades.

Rub Some Dirt On It will be presented as a global streaming event September 16 at 8 pm CDT and is now available for pre-order.

Visit MomentHouse.com/Emery to purchase your ticket today!

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